Continuing Education Units(CEUs)

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are nationally recognized units of achievement which may be used as evidence of increased capabilities for job advancement. They are offered only for non-degree, short course work. Washington State University offers CEU approval through Conference Management, a division of the Global Campus. The current enrollment fee is $10 per class. One CEU represents 10 contact hours (60 minutes per hour) of participation in an organized, non-credit continuing education experience with qualified instruction, and assessment of learning outcomes. Units are recorded to one decimal point. CEUs are not available for programs with less than three contact hours.

CEUs can be earned by signing up the first day of the pre-approved class, paying a minimal fee and successfully completing the class. (CEUs may not be signed up for or paid for after the class has begun.) Upon completing the class, the enrollment form is processed and the units entered into the student's non-credit transcript, maintained by Global Campus. If the class is not successfully completed, the student is not awarded CEUs and monies are not refunded. CEUs may not be used as credits towards earning a degree.

CEUs are useful in providing a record of classes taken for professional development. Some professions may use CEUs to verify hours for yearly updating within the profession.

If you have questions regarding Continuing Education Units or continuing education in general, contact Conference Management, WSU Pullman, at 335-3530.

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